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Universal AUM (OM)

60 Minutes Meditation MP3

Enjoy this 3 minute video demonstration of OM (AUM), The sound of the Divine...

Recorded by Thomas Di Leva in The Temple Of Golden Light.

You will get two powerful versions: 1. Universal AUM (Natural) 2. Universal AUM (With Brainwave Entrainment).

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Universal Aum (OM) MP3

The Eternal Source Vibration: AUM (OM ) The Mantra of Mantras

Recorded in the same tone frequency as the Crown Chakra, which is the chakra for spiritual enlightenment and totality of oneness. It's also in the Crown Chakra that you and your higher-self becomes synchronized in divine wisdom.

Contains Powerful Infrasound, Which Is Known To Cause Supernatural Experiences.

This unique OM recording even contains the so called Infrasound, which in many scientific studies has been known to cause multi-dimensional experiences and spiritual visions.

Scientists in England who did an experiment with Infrasound, found that emotional and spiritual feelings increased by 22 %  when people got exposed to Infrasound. In fact several studies have shown that Infrasound is renowned to bring peace and calm to meditators.

An Amazing Spiritual Tool For Your Meditations At Home

Meditate daily with this powerful OM to open your chakras and reach the state of oneness in enlightenment, called "Sahaj Samadhi" by zen monks and yogis.

Experience the Mantra AUM (OM) with someone who has meditated with it for over 25 years.

It is said that when you repeat a mantra more than 125 000 times, you get "mantra siddhi". Which is total integration with the power and vibration of the specific mantra. Thomas Di Leva (who is a proven mantra expert), has meditated daily on the mantra OM since the beginning of the eighties... And it was a very long time ago he got passed 125 000 repetitions of OM.

Download Thomas Di Leva's Universal OM in 2 versions: 1. Universal AUM (Natural) 2. Universal AUM (With Brainwave Entrainment)...

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Download 2 versions for the price of one; 1. Universal AUM (Natural) 2. Universal AUM (With Brainwave Entrainment)

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Universal Aum (OM) MP3